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I am an esthetician in IL and owner of Mar Beauty Lounge in Chicago. I have 8 years of experience in esthetics and I specialize in body waxing and lash services and have been an educator for 2 years. I have been able to grow tremendously over the years and I am very thankful for all of my clients. I strive to provide a welcoming, professional , and relaxing space for my clients. I’ve learned that when clients feel at ease they trust you and once they trust you they become loyal clients. But it all starts with you as the professional. You must believe in yourself you must feel confident in what you do for others to trust your work.

After many years in this industry I have learned many things and I finally feel confident in what i do and I love to share my knowledge with others. I think we all can grow as professionals in this field and it helps our industry keep growing. I was once a newbie in this field and I know that we all go through a tough time in the beginning. It was so hard for me to find good courses or to find a mentor when I first started. I remember paying so much money on classes to learn one specific thing and left the class so confused still. I acknowledge my students trust and I make sure once they leave my course they are confident in the service they came to learn.