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Hive Education

Waxing BootCamp | Bakersfield CA

Waxing BootCamp | Bakersfield CA

From Novice To Professional, Boost Your Earnings & Transform Your Skills.

  • Add Waxing Services To Your Menu
  • Get Hands-On Experience w/Models
  • Wax With 100% Confidence
  • Master HCWC Products
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Class Details

 Class Includes:

  • 14 Hours Of Hands On Waxing Training (Over 2 Days).
  • Professional Hard/Soft Waxing Kit, Sticks, Strips, Pre & Post Care, Ingrown Care Products. (All Premium Honeycomb Wax Co. Products).
  • Ongoing Support From Your Teacher & Peers (via Private Facebook Group).
  • Professional Level Discounts On All of Honeycomb Wax Co.'s Products.
  • An Exclusive Certification in Honeycomb Wax Co.'s Products.
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 The course is designed to give you the confidence and skills to take your career (and income) to the next level!

Who Should Take This Class

Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this comprehensive course is designed to elevate your waxing skills to an advanced level. Join us to:

  • Transform Your Technique: Start from any skill level and graduate as an advanced waxer, ready to provide top-tier services to clients.
  • Gain Confidence with Hands-On Experience: Our course ensures that you become comfortable and proficient enough to offer waxing services using Honeycomb Wax products immediately.
  • Master Honeycomb Wax Products: Learn the ins and outs of Honeycomb Wax Co's renowned products, and understand how to utilize them to their fullest potential.
  • Discover the Secrets of Success: Understand the key factors that drive success in the waxing industry, from client communication to product selection.
  • Stay Ahead with the Latest Techniques: Learn the most up-to-date waxing techniques and best practices, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • Earn More $$$: By adding waxing services to your menu and/or performing them faster and more efficiently.


Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, you will become Honeycomb Certified, a prestigious recognition that sets you apart in the waxing profession.

Join The Hive Education today for this exclusive Advanced Education Waxing course, and take the next big step in your career. Your journey to becoming an expert waxer starts here!

Post Enrollment FAQ's

After you purchase, you will receive emails explaining:

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2. How to prepare.

3. Start & End Times For Your Specific Location.

4. Contact Information For Your Instructor.

Meet The Teacher

Maddie Educator Image


Hi! My name is Maddie Evans, I’m 55 and have been an Esthetician for 11 years and a wax instructor for over 5 years. I am currently VP of The Hive, Honeycomb’s beauty education program. I have 2 passions in our industry, skincare, and WAXING!

My journey with Honeycomb Wax Co. started in 2022, wanting to find a better wax for my classes. In doing so, I found not only incredible quality wax made in the US, but a company that genuinely cares and wants you to succeed! I’ve been traveling the US with Honeycomb for the past year, doing demos at the spa shows, and watching this company grow! The Hive will be an INCREDIBLE addition, so sign up TODAY!!

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